White water rafting Sun Valley, Idaho

Salmon get some needed help

All Salmon on the Upper Main Salmon near Stanley, Idaho are anadromous fish: they are born in the fresh water of the Salmon River, migrate to the ocean, then return to the Salmon some 900 miles to reproduce or “spawn”.  The federal government just gave these fish a huge break by allowing dams that impede their progress to spill water aiding these young salmon (smolts) have a more natural trip to the ocean.

Right now, millions of salmon and steelhead smolts from Idaho are on the ride of their lives as they attempt to dodge hungry predators and other serious obstacles on their downstream migration to the ocean. But one thing the smolts won’t have to contend with on their perilous journey is the curtailment of water spills over dams on the lower Snake River.

This is great news for Salmon and means that if you join us in the next few years you will have a better chance of viewing these amazing fish on one of our trips.