White water rafting Sun Valley, Idaho

Behind The Scenes: The Taking of the Annual Guide Photo

Yes, at first glance we look entirely professional; completely capable of taking you down the river, what with our tanned skin, bulging muscles, swanky gear and all. But the truth is, underneath that cool veneer, we are all just a bunch of clowns having a good time. Nowhere is that more evident than at our annual guide photo shoot. Kudos to photographer Marjorie McBride for putting up with us every year.

The Veneer—or what the guides call our “Bible Camp” photo. Angelic, don’t you think?

Group Shot 2013

 But here’s how it really goes down.




  And then, what really goes down…




The good thing is, in this job we are able to be completely competent and be clowns at the same time. Lucky for us and lucky for you. We love our guides and you will too!

(…and next time you see the Wall of Fame in the warehouse, you’ll know how things really happen.)