Group River Rafting Sun Valley & Stanley, Idaho

Perfect for Corporate Groups, Family Reunions, & Weddings

Since 81Let The River Company host your corporate retreat, family reunion, club or wedding party on the Salmon River for an unforgettable group experience. Our river trips provide a superb atmosphere for group outings by offering a relaxed, fun-filled day of excitement for your special event. Custom menus are available. Book early to ensure you get the date you want.

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General Group Information

A Group Trip is an exclusive trip arranged to fit your group's vacation schedule. A trip with a meal (lunch or dinner) features a menu planned especially for your guests. Trips without meals are also available.

All ages can join a Group Trip, from four-year-olds to seniors. During most of the rafting season whitewater rapids are moderate, ranging from Class 1 to Class 3 on a scale of 1 to 6. Early-season trips may also include optional Class 4 rapids reserved for guests fourteen and older. Many of our guests have never rafted before. Our professional guides have introduced thousands of beginners to this sport. (See Safety Concerns and Experienced Guides.)

Group Prices are 5% to 20% below Regular Prices, depending on the number of guests originally guaranteed for a trip. To obtain a discount your group must be represented by a Group Organizer authorized to arrange all details of the trip. Group members booking trips individually must pay Regular Prices. Minimum size for a Group Trip is 20 guests.

If your group is smaller than 20 please go to our Rafting Trips page or contact us about pricing for your own private trip. Minimum pricing for a private lunch trip is $1600 and $1300 for a private trip without lunch.

Whitewater trips are fun, scenic and educational. A Group Trip is likely to be remembered as the high point of your group's activities.

Group comments

Smaller Groups

"Thank you for making my wife's birthday so memorable. We started as a small group three years ago and are now up to 30 of our family and friends."
-- John Moran

Larger Groups

"Thanks for taking care of every one of our 160 guests. The Meeting Network has great confidence in recommending The River Company to any group, large or small."
-- Pat Moloney


"Erika still talks about the rafting trip last summer. You made quite an impression on this four-year-old. Every once in awhile she still brings up her guide Jeremy. Thank you for a fun trip."
-- The Seehafers

Examples of Groups Served

  • Corporate Groups, Professional Organizations: Rafting with family and friends provides a relaxing break from meetings or seminars.
  • Family Reunions, Birthday Parties: Whitewater rafting is an activity all members of the family can enjoy, without Mom having to do any of the work.
  • Weddings, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties: Guests who may be strangers become better acquainted while sharing a river adventure and an outdoor meal.
  • Bus Tours For Seniors: Whitewater trips are educational, scenic, fun, and something to brag about to grandchildren.

Whitewater Trip With a Meal

The most popular trip

This trip features family-style whitewater fun, experienced professional guides, and a catered meal served beside the river.  Your guests will enjoy high quality outdoor entertainment suitable for all ages. Lunch Trips begin before noon. Dinner Trips begin about 3:30 p.m. Allow 4.5 to 5.5 hours from the time your group arrives at the Salmon River. Minimum 20 guests.

Group Trip with Lunch at a Glance

Enjoy a short drive to the river launch site, jump in your boat and get ready for "Piece of Cake," the first rapid of the day. Between rapids your guide will share the river's secrets of wildlife, salmon, local lore and history, and much more. Just before you reach our riverside lunch camp you will run "Warm Springs Narrows" near singer Carole King's wilderness ranch.

As you arrive at lunch camp our chef will be putting the finishing touches on a fully catered meal. Although the menu changes daily, a typical meal might feature a main dish with chicken, and several vegetarian side-dishes including homemade salsa and chips, a green salad, freshly baked bread, and a homemade dessert. Our chef prepares all meals from fresh, healthy ingredients. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fresh fruit are always available for kids. Drinks include water, lemonade, iced tea, hot chocolate, coffee and tea. Beverages like beer, wine, sodas and juices can be purchased before the trip. After lunch enjoy a relaxing float to Torrey's Hole where our bus will be waiting to take you back to The River Company headquarters.

Half - Day Whitewater Rafting Trips

The perfect trip for those on a schedule

This trip features family-style whitewater fun and experienced professional guides, no meal. It can accommodate groups with tighter schedules. For example, your guests can attend meetings in Sun Valley in the morning, raft in the afternoon, and return to Sun Valley in time for dinner. Allow 3 to 3.5 hours from the time your group arrives at the Salmon River. Minimum 20 guests.

These prices, for a minimum of 20 guests, are 5% below Regular Prices. Discounts up to 25% are available for larger groups.

Billing Information


Group Prices are 5% to 20% below Regular Prices, depending on the number of guests originally guaranteed for a trip. To obtain a discount your group must be represented by a Group Organizer authorized to arrange and pay for all details of the trip. Group members booking trips individually must pay Regular Prices.

Minimum & Maximum Size:

A group trip must include at least 20 guests or meet our minimum trip pricing.


Check or credit card -- Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.


Deadline for cancellation of a Group Trip is one month before the trip.

Bills To Expect


A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to confirm a Group Trip.

Balance Due:

The Balance, along with a Confirmed Guest Count, is due one month before your trip. All trips must be paid for in advance. We will be flexible in adjusting your Confirmed Guest Count by one or two guests, providing that we receive a Final Guest Count by 1:00 p.m. the day before your trip.

Final Bill:

On the day of your trip you will receive a Final Bill based on your Final Guest Count reflecting any refunds or additional charges that apply.

Group Checklist

For Planning Your Trip

Planning a large Group Trip may take several months. Here are details to consider.

  • What is the best date for your trip? Are other dates possible?
  • What time do you want to start and end your trip? Is your schedule fixed or flexible?
  • How many guests do you expect? Will they include children,teenagers, adults and seniors?
  • Do you want a trip with a meal, or without a meal?
  • Do you want a special menu?
  • Do you want champagne, beer, wine, soda, juice or other drinks?
  • Will you need bus or van transportation, or will guests drive their own cars?
  • What types of rafts would you prefer? Do some people want to use inflatable kayaks?
  • Will you need to collect information from other guests, including credit card numbers or checks?
  • Will you need to obtain brochures or other promotional materials from The River Company in order to inform your guests about the trip?

Group Organizing Tips

For The Day Of Your Trip

Remind your guests what time the trip starts, where to meet, what to wear, and what to bring:

  • The trip will start at this time _____________.
  • We will meet at this location __________________________________.
  • Wear a bathing suit or shorts, t-shirt, sweater or jacket, shoes or sandals that fasten securely, cap, sun screen, sunglasses, and straps for prescription glasses. Don't plan to wear long cotton pants or cotton socks on the river -- they stay wet, making you cold. The River Company provides life jackets and full-length ponchos.
  • Bring extra clothing for after the trip if you think you might be cold. Don't bring valuables. The only money you'll need is for small souvenirs or for tipping the guides if you think they've done a good job.

Groups traveling by chartered bus from Sun Valley should be told the following:

  • Use the restroom on the bus before arriving at the river. There are two restrooms at the river, but they can't accommodate a large group if everyone waits until the last minute. There are also restrooms at the picnic spot and at the place where the trip ends. But please use the restroom on the bus whenever possible.
  • During the bus ride group members should divide themselves into smaller groups that will raft together. Generally six to eight people will go in each raft. At the river each rafting group will exit the bus together and meet their guide. The guide will fit each of them with a life jacket and provide safety information before beginning the rafting trip.

To begin planning your Group Trip call David or Heather at (208) 788-5775.

Paddle Rafts

involve everyone in the action. Work as a team to navigate your way down the river with your guide.

paddle boat

Oar Boats

allow guests to fish or relax while a guide does all the maneuvering.

oar boat

Inflatable kayaks

enable you to test your river skills while following a guided raft.