White water rafting Sun Valley, Idaho

February River Co Updates

Idaho snowpack continues to grow in the month of February. As of February 19th, the Salmon River Basin is sitting at 120%. Great news for Boaters! The last week has seen welcome high pressure and sunny days giving us the opportunity to dig out. We are starting to hear from our staff as the river season approaches.

Tom is enjoying graduate school at Vanderbilt and planning a mid-summer trip to Africa. Sean and D’Layne are in Sun Valley ski patrolling and getting ready to dive back into nursing school. Sean plans on riding his bike to New York to visit family before the season begins. Celina is working for a non-profit in Seattle with breaks to come back to Sun Valley to enjoy some skiing. Telera just returned from Maui this week and just built a homemade Sauna in her backyard. Aaron will be with us for Class 4 river trips this year and then returning to pursue his nursing degree in Boise with Carlie. Rumors of the new addition to their family are trickling in, a new pup named Oscar. Watch out Ellie. We spoke with Rock and Cindy this week as well, rough life for those two. Managing a park on a beach somewhere in California. Both excited to get back to Stanley for the summer once it warms up. Rock was really getting cold out there, a freezing 55 degrees at night. Poor thing.

Heather and I are enjoying a great winter and preparing to add a baby girl to The River Company family in late April. Miles is ready to hit the river this year again, at 2 and a half he is on his way to being a river rat.