White water rafting Sun Valley, Idaho

Trips begin Memorial Day weekend!

We’ve started our weekend trips to Stanley to dust off the boats, organize the warehouse, clean the kitchen and set up shop. The first time we come to Stanley (from McCall) for the season generates a lot of excitement in our family. The kids get reacquainted with their room and the sandbox and memories of summers gone by come flooding back. Dave and I push up our shirt-sleeves and get to work putting things together, antsy for the season to get underway.

This time around we discovered  more snow than usual on the mountain passes going to Stanley as well as in the boat yard. Giddy with excitement for a good water year, we shoveled snow in order to get the bus out of storage. Meanwhile, the kids asked to go to the beach, not realizing that our beach at Redfish is most likely under a blanket of slowly melting snow.

But soon enough all this snow will be gone and before you know it our season will be underway! We will usher in the summer by hosting a swift-water rescue class through the Wilderness Rescue International May 24-26. Our family rafting trips and high water adventures begin Memorial Day weekend. Call us at 1-800-398-0346 or book your trip online and look forward to a summer of exciting whitewater fun!