White water rafting Sun Valley, Idaho

Vacation Planning…Call us, we can help

Our Upcoming Vacation

When planning a vacation there are so many different things to think about. I mean, you are making a big commitment of time and money and you want to make sure you’ve got your bases covered, right? We are in the middle of planning a SoCal/Disneyland trip and I have to admit that, at times, I’ve been overwhelmed with all the details. We know what dates we want to go so the airline reservations were easy. No problem on choosing a rental car. But where I’m spending hours upon hours is hotel reservations and area attractions. So many choices! If you have small children like we do (Miles-5, Finley-2), you know computer time is precious, so how much research can you really do before buckling down and make some decisions?

On vacation we tend to favor flexibility over a tight schedule, but as we are traveling during Spring Break season I’ve been grappling with the issue of making reservations for things we want to do and pre-buying ticket packages. How many days do we really need at Disneyland with a five and two year old? Do we need a Park Hopper pass? What about Legoland vs. Sea World vs. the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park? Whale watching vs. a family sea-kayaking adventure? And of course we need a day at the beach. How do we fit it all in and what needs to be set in stone before we go?

Your Idaho Vacation

All of this has made me think of our guests who make travel plans to come to Sun Valley and Stanley, Idaho. During my planning process I’ve relied on word of mouth, online reviews at Yelp and Travel Advisor and member sites such as AAA and American Express Travel to help figure it all out. But ultimately it is the conversations I’ve had with people on-site that have helped me begin to finalize decisions.

So, while planning your trip to Idaho, please feel free to call us with any and all questions. We are here to help your vacation be a fantastic one. Rafting with us is an excellent family adventure, sure to be the highlight of your Idaho vacation. When choosing to raft with The River Company, rest easy about making a reservation. While we are often able to accommodate short notice requests, it is always better to book in advance. That ensures you won’t miss out on a beautiful day of whitewater rafting in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. However, once you have your reservation, what if your plans change? What if someone in your family becomes ill or something else you want to do is only available on the day you have chosen to go rafting?

We understand things like this happen which is why we are happy to allow flexibility on date changes and even offer a liberal cancellation policy, allowing you to cancel or change your trip by 1:00 the day before. When you book with The River Company be assured that we want you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest and are here to help make that happen. And if you have any Southern California travel tips for us, please share!

(Next up…insider travel tips for planning your vacation in our neck of the woods.)