Private Rafting Trips in Stanley, Idaho

Private Raft Adventure

$900 BOAT 6 Guests

Experience the ultimate adventure with our exclusive, private tours. Book up to two boats online. Call us if you have a larger group.

Experience the ultimate adventure with our exclusive, private tours. Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple, with the kids, or as a group of friends, you can experience our rafting trips with your group alone. Customize your experience by having a dedicated vehicle, raft and guide, go at your own pace and float the river enjoying the solitude. We can’t guarantee you won’t see anyone else out there, but we can guarantee you will have a great time.

Payment in full is required to book your trip with The River Company.

You may cancel your reservation up until 24 hours before your trip and receive a refund, minus a handling charge of 10% of the total trip cost. Later cancellations will not receive refunds. We do not cancel or reschedule trips due to weather; however we reserve the right to cancel trips based on trip size or unforeseen conditions. Full refund would apply in this case.

Paddle Rafts

involve everyone in the action. Work as a team to navigate your way down the river with your guide.

paddle boat

Oar Boats

allow guests to fish or relax while a guide does all the maneuvering.

oar boat

Inflatable kayaks

enable you to test your river skills while following a guided raft.